Insurance Replacement

If your wheelchair van or scooter accessible van is damaged in an accident, Wheelchair Getaways can deliver a replacement vehicle for your use until your vehicle is repaired.

Many wheelchair users are unaware of Wheelchair Getaways replacement vehicle program, but Wheelchair Getaways has worked with all major insurance carriers for years to provided this valuable service. Even Enterprise Rent-a-car, the leader in insurance replacement, refers their customers needing a wheelchair van to us.

Many claims adjusters will attempt to rent a wheelchair user a conventional vehicle, but this solution has many pitfalls. Be firm in your request for a scooter / wheelchair accessible van.

The problem renting a conventional car:

Why Rent

  • Difficult and dangerous transfers into the vehicle (over 200 persons each year are seriously injured)
  • Many wheelchairs are difficult or impossible to stow, rendering a conventional vehicle useless
  • Extremely heavy wheelchairs may cause safety issues for the vehicle and passengers
  • Stowing a wheelchair in inclement weather can cause weather related illness
  • Improper installation of hand controls can be a liability for all involved

The solution:

Renting a scooter/wheelchair accessible van

  • Lowered floor and raised roof increases interior headroom, making transferring from a wheelchair or scooter into a vehicle unnecessary.
  • Vehicles are designed so that the occupant may remain in his or her wheelchair or scooter, so the mobility device does not have to be stowed.
  • Wheelchair and/or Scooters are secured with a 4-point crash tested securement system.
  • With keyless remote entry, a wheelchair user is safely inside a vehicle within seconds.
  • Accessible vans that are driver units have permanent hand controls and proper crash tested transfer seats.

Acutal Case Study

A young man living near Gulf Port, Mississippi lost his wheelchair van in Hurricane Katrina. While he waited for a replacement vehicle, Wheelchair Getaways of the Gulf Coast was able to provide him with a wheelchair accessible van until his new vehicle was delivered. His auto insurance covered the cost of the replacement rental.

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Try Before You Buy

A wheelchair/scooter van purchase is a major expenditure. It is important to select a vehicle that meets all of the families' needs. There are many options for a transportation solution available. Many customers decide to rent an accessible van prior to purchase, so they can assess vehicle features before making a major expenditure.


Do not make a decision without exploring all your options.

Try Before You Buy

Actual Case Study

A couple rented from Wheelchair Getaways of Alabama to assess size and comfort of a mini van. The husband was a wheelchair user who enjoyed day trips but wasn't sure about longer trips in their sedan. They were considering purchase of an accessible van for longer trips with family. After a family trip in one of our vans, they sent in their customer satisfaction card with these words: "Wonderful day! Wonderful time! Wonderful van!"

Wheelchair Getaways loves happy endings!

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Interim Vehicle

Renting a vehicle short-term during rehabilitation can avoid costly non-emergency medical transportation.

Many wheelchair users just need transportation while recovering or while their van is being built. Wheelchair Getaways van rentals offer the perfect solution.

Interim Vehicle

Actual Case Study

A claims adjustor was in the process of converting a vehicle for an injured worker. To provide interim transportation, the adjuster rented a vehicle from Wheelchair Getaways in Tennessee. He simply provided a claim number, billing instructions and driver information and his client was behind the wheel. Wheelchair Getaways' services are easily arranged, quickly delivered and cost effective.

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Medical Transportation

Wheelchair Getaways provides wheelchair/scooter accessible vans that are perfect for medical appointments.

Why rent a wheelchair/scooter accessible van for transportation to and from medical appointments?

Medical Transportation

  • Using a wheelchair/scooter accessible van makes transferring unnecessary. Dangerous transfers account for over 200 life-threatening accidents per year.
  • In an accessible van, stowing the mobility device is not necessary. Many wheelchairs or scooters are very heavy making stowing them a dangerous hassle.
  • A rental van is available to the wheelchair user any time that transportation is needed. Schedule changes and last minute appointments are no problem with a Wheelchair Getaways van.
  • When using a rental van, the wheelchair user can go directly to the medical appointment without addition stops for other passengers reducing inconvenience and wasted time.
  • The wheelchair user can also travel with family members or caregivers assuring proper care during the trip.
  • Depending on the distance to the appointment and the number of appointments needed, Wheelchair Getaways can be the cost effective transportation solution.
  • When comparing a rental van with non-emergency medical transportation, as few as 7 medical visits a month can be the cost equivalent of a monthly van rental.
  • In many cases, a family may be considering a wheelchair/scooter van purchase for medical appointments. Wheelchair Getaways can provide a rental vehicle, so that the family can try a wheelchair van before buying to assure that it meets their needs.
  • Renting an interim vehicle after hospital discharge and before vehicle purchase can provide an immediate transportations solution for medical appointments that can speed the healing process.

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Driver Rehabilitation

Driver Rehabilitation

Wheelchair Getaways receives calls from vocational and driver rehabilitation specialists who are seeking rentals for clients.

Once clients are trained, they are anxious to drive independently. Wheelchair Getaways driver vehicles are available to serve this need. There are also driver's educators that need vehicles from time to time. Wheelchair Getaways as a member of the Association of Driver Rehabilitations Specialists (ADED) is ready and able to help.

Actual Case Study

A drivers rehabilitation specialist in Slidell, LA needed an accessible van for training a new driver. While he was qualified for training and properly insured, his training vehicle did not accomodate a wheelchair user with a powerchair. After contacting Wheelchair Getaways, he was able to rent a vehicle for his training needs.


Driver Rehabilitation

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Temporary Disabilities

Temporary Disabilities

Wheelchair users with temporary disabilities say that accessible transportation speeds their recovery by helping to restore independence during a difficult time.

Persons new to using a wheelchair and those who are only using a wheelchair for a short period of time may have a very difficult time with coordinating wheelchair/scooter accessible transportation. For these persons a wheelchair accessible van is crucial to their recovery process. By returning the activities of daily living more quickly, wheelchair users are able to continue with their lives with the minimum necessary interruption.

Actual Case Study

Wheelchair Getaways was able to provide long-term rental of an accessible van to a grateful Colorado man during his rehabilitation. He wrote, "Since an injury has temporarily taken away my ability to walk, your rental van allowed me to see my doctor and friends and family for the first time in four weeks."

Vocational rehabilitation or workers' compensation often pay for the rental of an accessible vehicle during rehabilitation.

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Road Trips

Wheelchair users find our accessible vans safe, convenient, and comfortable for longer trips.

Many people just need a rental van for a road trip. Either the family car has a few too many miles and years, or they appreciate the comfort of a late model top of the line vehicle. In addition, some people can handle an occassional transfer, but a long trip of getting in and out of a vehicle is just out of the question. Some travelers also need the space available in Wheelchair Getaways full size vans that are available in most locations.

Driving to your destination in safe, reliable comfort can relieve many of the worry and hassle of taking the family car.

Actual Case Study

A woman with severe arthritis found it difficult to get in and out of the family car and to travel for long distances. She and her husband wanted to travel to San Antonio to visit grandchildren, but the 1800 mile trip seemed an impossible feat. Wheelchair Getaways provided a full size van to make the trip more comfortable. The adaptive equipment on our vans makes entering and exiting easier and safer.

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Special Events

Special occasions can be anxious times in one's life. Wheelchair Getaways takes pride in providing service that can make weddings, funerals, graduations, reunions and special outings less stressful. Our prompt delivery of clean vehicles ensures that you will arrive on time and in style.

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Air/Rail Travel

Wheelchair Getaways delivers to most U.S. airports and railway terminals. Whether you are planning a long distance trip or simply need accessible transportation to the hotel or conference site, we alleviate stress by meeting you at the station or airport. If you are working with a travel agent, have the agent call us to make arrangements. Wheelchair Getaways works closely with travel agents to make wheelchair travel as convenient as possible.

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Driver Units

Wheelchair Getaways' franchises maintain clean accessible vehicles with adaptive features to meet every need. As a franchise owner once explained: 'Not everyone needs the whole enchilada!' All that may be needed is a power lift and tie-down system, or the wheelchair driver may need an 8-way transfer seat and hand controls.

Wheelchair Getaways has driver units to meet every customer's needs!

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Wheelchair Getaways provides wheelchair/scooter accessible vans that are perfect for Rehabilitation.

24-hour transportation for customers
Renting a wheelchair accessible van will allow customers to have 24-hour transportation, insuring that they are able to meet appointments and other obligations.

Faster hospital release
Achieving outpatient status is dependent upon adequate transportation to make future medical appointments. Renting a wheelchair accessible van will insure that patients and their families have the transportation that they need.

Less time for rehabilitation
Having to schedule physical rehabilitation and other medical appointments around paratransit schedules can significantly prolong the rehabilitation process. Renting a wheelchair accessible van means that patients can schedule appointments any time.

No missed appointments
Having access to transportation 24 hours a day will greatly decrease the number of missed medical appointments that a patient has. This will also speed up the rehabilitation process.

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Local Excursions

Theme Parks

The major U.S. theme parks offer excellent access. Some also provide daily scooter rentals.

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA and Tampa Bay, FL:
Disneyland in Anaheim, CA:
Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN:
Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH:
Legoland in Carlsbad, CA:
Sea World in San Diego, CA:
Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA and Orlando, FL:
Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vistas, FL:

State Listing for Accessible Vacation Spots

The Lodge at Sedona - The Meadow Breeze Suite:
(928) 204-1942

Accessible Tahoe Vacations:
 Access San Francisco:
 Landis Shores - San Francisco Bay Room (Miramar Beach):
(650) 726-6642

AAA Top 20 Orlando Hotel Deals:
Accessible Florida Villas:
Accessible Florida Villas: http:

Volcano Guest House:
(808) 967-7775

Las Vegas
Las Vegas Hotel Room Accommodations - wheelchair accessible rooms:

New York City
Big Apple Greeter:

The Inn at Honey Run - Room 121 (Amish Country):
(330) 674-0011

Shiloh Morning Inn - The Memories Suite:
(888) 554-7674

Rabbit Hill Inn - The Turnabout Room:
(802) 748-5168

Colonial Williamsburg - Call for brochures detailing accessible tours:
(800) 447-8679
King's Dominion Campground - fully wheelchair accessible
Call (800) 9CAMP10 or (804) 876-5355

Big Bay State Park:
Copper Falls State Park:

Vehicle Rentals Outside of the USA

Wheelabout Australia Accessible Van Rentals:
Accessible Europe:
Rolling-Mobile Germany:
Brit Experience:

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Business Trips

Wheelchair Getaways is pleased to serve those who travel for business. Our franchises deliver to airports, hotels, conference centers, business offices, and personal residences. If you are a frequent traveler who needs accessible transportation, we recommend that you become a Preferred Customer to enjoy a speedy reservations process.

To become a Preferred Customer call 1-800-536-5518.

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